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Interventional Bumpy Stent

Irregular cell sizes allow for segmental radial force so side branches of pancreatic duct are not compressed, thus reducing stent related pancreatitis or pancreatic sepsis. Both flared ends reduce risk of migration. Full PTFE body cover and silicone flare cover along with a removal string at proximal end allow for easy removal. Radiopaque markers: 3 (three) each end and 2 (two) in the middle.

Product Description

  • Fully covered, removable
  • PTFE membrane prevents the risk of tissue ingrowth
  • Irregular cell size
  • Both flared ends
  • Full PTFE ready
  • Radiopaque omarkers


Benign biliary strictures

Clinical Reference

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In the dynamic world of interventional radiology, innovation is the key to improving patient outcomes. Enter the Bumpy™ Biliary Stent, a groundbreaking development that promises to transform the way we treat biliary obstructions.

Traditional biliary stents have served their purpose, but they often come with limitations. The Bumpy™ Stent, however, takes a bold step forward with its unique design. Featuring a textured surface, this stent not only provides support for the bile duct but also minimizes migration and reduces the risk of complications.

What truly sets the Bumpy™ Stent apart is its adaptability. Its surface texture allows for better tissue integration, reducing the likelihood of stent-related discomfort and ensuring a smoother recovery for patients. Moreover, the stent’s strategic design enables clinicians to navigate challenging anatomies with greater ease.

Interventional radiologists now have a powerful tool at their disposal, one that promises improved patient comfort, enhanced precision, and ultimately, better clinical outcomes. The Bumpy™ Biliary Stent is proof that innovation continues to drive progress in interventional radiology, benefitting both practitioners and patients alike