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Genera Bloc™ Endoscopy Bite Blocs

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Box of 25
Box of 100
Genera Bloc Endoscopy Bite Blocs

High front flange secures optimal positioning of bite block. Accommodates up to 5Y Fr dilator.

Product Description

  • Protects your patient’s lips, teeth and jaw
  • Protects scopes from bite damage
  • latex free
  • available in boxes of 25 or 100

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Product Information

Discover our extensive selection of disposable bite blocks designed specifically for upper endoscopy procedures. We offer a wide variety of sizes, styles, and models, including options with secure retaining straps and those without, all meticulously crafted to accommodate the precise demands of both patients and medical procedures.

Our standard endoscopic bite blocks are meticulously constructed using robust yet gentle materials, guaranteeing the protection of fragile instruments and augmenting patient comfort by serving as a reliable mouthpiece during medical interventions.

For specialized requirements, we present disposable bite blocks specially tailored for pediatric patients, ensuring their utmost comfort and safety. Additionally, we have introduced a dedicated O2 delivery endoscopic bite block, thoughtfully engineered to address the distinctive needs of specific patient groups.