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Smoke Evacuation Electro Surgical Pencil Available in Canada and the United States

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surg-n-vac-smoke evacuation electro surgical pencil

Surgical smoke evacuation apparatuses represent robust high-flow vacuum devices employed to capture smoke aerosols and gases produced while utilizing lasers and electrosurgical units (ESUs) at surgical sites. Within the scope of this investigation, we assessed sixteen evacuation systems procured from ten distinct suppliers. These systems were meticulously crafted and intended for application within the general surgery operating theater. The assessment centered on the operational efficacy of the devices, with specific emphasis on their capacity to ensnare smoke particles amidst simulated surgical scenarios. Furthermore, the evaluation encompassed considerations regarding user-friendliness and the overall craftsmanship of the equipment. Product available in Canada and the United States.

Product Description

  • ESU wire has been placed inside of smoke evacuation tubing with no chance of entanglement.
  • The tactile feel in the rocker switch helps prevent movement at the electrode end of pencil while activating pencil.
  • A separate smoke and suction port from the electronics prevents the possibility of moisture affecting electrical parts and possible problems, which can be a safety issue.
  • computer designed smoke port allows for the best capture of surgical plume
  • ESU pencil provides a complete one-un-wrap system at a substantial savings.


Protecting the air you breathe during surgical procedures

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Surgical procedures involving electrosurgical or laser techniques have undeniably revolutionized the medical field, enabling precision and efficiency in a range of interventions. However, these advanced procedures come with an often-overlooked hazard: surgical plume, commonly known as surgical smoke. This is where smoke evacuators play a pivotal role in maintaining a safe environment for both the surgical team and the patient.

Understanding Surgical Plume and Its Risks

Surgical plume refers to the hazardous byproduct generated during procedures that involve the use of electrosurgical devices or lasers. This plume is a mixture of vaporized tissue, cellular debris, and potentially harmful chemicals, all of which are released into the air as a result of tissue disintegration. Surgical plume poses various risks, including: Health Risks for Surgical Team: The surgical plume contains bioaerosols that can carry viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms, thereby exposing the surgical team to infectious agents.

Respiratory Hazards: Inhalation of surgical plume has been linked to respiratory issues and potential long-term health problems due to the presence of toxic substances.

Visibility Impairment: Accumulation of plume can hinder the surgeon’s visibility, thereby impacting the precision of the procedure.

The Surg-N-Vac Smoke Evacuation Electro Surgical Pencil is registered with our MDSAP initiative. The MDSAP introduces a novel strategy that empowers manufacturers of medical devices to participate in a unified and thorough assessment. This evaluation guarantees conformity to regulations and standards across a diverse range of five specific medical equipment sectors, spanning Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, and the United States. The auditing procedure, conducted by BSI on behalf of MDSAP, also provides a supplementary benefit through its incorporation of assessments for CE certification and adherence to ISO 13485 requirements.

In the realm of modern medicine, precision and safety are paramount. This is where the Smoke Evacuation Electro Surgical Pencil plays a vital role. This innovative device has revolutionized the surgical field by addressing a common concern: surgical smoke.

During surgical procedures, especially those involving electrosurgery or laser ablation, smoke is generated as tissue is cauterized or vaporized. This smoke contains harmful particles and noxious odors that can be detrimental to both patients and medical professionals. The Smoke Evacuation Electro Surgical Pencil is designed to tackle this issue head-on.

Equipped with a built-in smoke evacuation system, this pencil effectively removes surgical smoke at its source, ensuring a clear visual field for surgeons and a safer environment for all in the operating room. Its ergonomic design and precise control make it an invaluable tool for intricate surgeries.

In conclusion, the Smoke Evacuation Electro Surgical Pencil is a game-changer in the medical field, enhancing surgical precision and safety while promoting a healthier work environment for healthcare practitioners.