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SeeStar® Guiding Device

Category: Interventional Radiology


Details and Features

Visualize and adjust the planned CT-guided biopsy before entering the needle.
• Reduce the number of needle manipulations.
• Support the needle during superficial punctures.
• Maintain the direction of the needle during puncture

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Product Information


Instrumed Surgical has unveiled a groundbreaking advancement in surgical precision with the SeeStar® Guiding Device. This innovative tool promises to transform the landscape of surgery by offering surgeons unparalleled guidance and accuracy.

The SeeStar® Guiding Device is a sophisticated navigation system designed to enhance surgical procedures across various medical disciplines. Its state-of-the-art technology provides real-time, three-dimensional guidance, aiding surgeons in pinpointing exact locations and trajectories with utmost precision.

This device promises safer surgeries, shorter recovery times, and improved patient outcomes. Its user-friendly interface ensures that surgeons can seamlessly integrate it into their procedures.

Instrumed Surgical’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of surgical technology shines through with the SeeStar® Guiding Device. As it becomes increasingly adopted by surgical teams worldwide, we can expect a new era of surgical excellence and patient care.