Welcome to Instrumed Surgical®

Instrumed Surgical® is a privately held Canadian company focusing on the endoscopy and surgical segments of the Canadian and US medical market. We have been in business since 1987 and enjoy a reputation of providing excellent products and customer service.

Instrumed Surgical® maintains a Medical Device Establishment Licence issued by Health Canada.

We have representatives covering all major cities in Canada from coast to coast.

Our goal is to continue to provide high-quality innovative products and services that are valued by our customers while keeping the values of our business and customers as the most important factor.

Health Canada’s Seal of Medical Device Excellence

In the world of healthcare, ensuring patient safety is paramount. Enter the Medical Device Establishment License (MDEL) from Health Canada. This crucial license serves as a quality guarantee for companies involved in manufacturing, importing, or distributing medical devices in Canada. It signifies rigorous scrutiny of safety measures, quality control, and adherence to international standards. For businesses, it opens doors to Canada’s healthcare market, built on trust and reliability. In just a few words, MDEL is the mark of excellence, assuring Canadians that their health and well-being remain a top priority in the world of medical devices.

Sales Representatives With a National Reach

Instrumed Surgical® has a team of experienced sales professionals calling on all major hospitals across Canada. We attend multiple medical conferences and trade shows annually in GI and Surgery to establish customer relationships and needs and to promote our products and suppliers (partners).

Knowledgeable Quality Assurance Team

Health Canada requires all medical devices be sold by a company holding a Medical Device Establishment Licence (MDEL), and all products class 2 and above must have a medical device licence. Licences must be applied for and held by the manufacturer of record. Instrumed Surgical® has a staff of Regulatory professionals who can assist and advise international suppliers through the Health Canada licensing process.