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Niti-S™ Self-Expandable Metal Esophageal S-Type™ Stent

Category:S-Type™ (Covered & Partially Covered)

esophageal S-Type Stent

Product Description

Visualization of the proximal tumor margin

  • Fixed cell with braided construction
    High flexibility and optimal radial force
  • Both head ends (8 mm larger than trunk) help minimize migration
  • Silicone covering and soft round ends
  • Reduce tissue ingrowth and hyperplasia reaction
  • Visible green suture for easy removal
  • Option of suture at both ends
  • Radiopaque markers: 4 at both ends & 2 in middle
  • Available with proximal or distal release and Through The Scope (TTS) options
  • Available fully covered or with bare ends


Benign and malignant esophageal strictures, esophageal fistulas / leaks

Clinical Reference

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  • A new esophageal stent design (Niti-S stent) for the prevention of migration: a prospective study in 42 patients. GASTROINTESTINAL ENDOSCOPY Vol. 63, No.1: 2006 Peter D. Siersema

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Product Information


When it comes to addressing esophageal issues, the field of gastroenterology has witnessed a groundbreaking advancement in the form of the Niti-S™ Self-Expandable Metal Esophageal S-Type™ Stent. This innovative medical device is transforming the lives of individuals grappling with various esophageal conditions.
The Niti-S™ Stent is designed to treat strictures, or narrowing, of the esophagus caused by conditions like esophageal cancer or benign strictures. What sets this stent apart is its self-expandable nature. When placed into the constricted area, it gently expands to restore proper function, allowing patients to swallow food and liquids more comfortably.
One of the key benefits of the Niti-S™ Stent is its minimally invasive nature. Unlike traditional surgical interventions, stent placement involves a simple endoscopic procedure, reducing recovery time and discomfort. Patients experience rapid relief from dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing, improving their quality of life.
In conclusion, the Niti-S™ Self-Expandable Metal Esophageal S-Type™ Stent is a game-changer in the field of gastroenterology. Its effectiveness, combined with its ease of use, is bringing hope and comfort to countless individuals dealing with esophageal issues, marking a significant stride forward in medical innovation.