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Interventional Radiology S-Type Uncovered™ Stent

Category: Interventional Biliary Stents

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The Interventional Radiology S-Type Uncovered™ Stent is a revolutionary medical device, an intricate meshwork of precision and innovation. Designed to seamlessly restore and maintain blood flow, this advanced stent defies expectations, ensuring a brighter path to health. Pioneering radiology for a healthier tomorrow.

Product Description

  • Fixed cell with braided construction
    Flexible and resistant to fracture
  • Atraumatic ends
    Less hyperplasia at the edges
  • Radiopaque marker: 3 (three) at both ends and 2 (two) in the middle

Clinical Reference

  • Pneumoperitoneum Following Percutaneous Biliary Intervention: Not Necessarily a Cause for Alarm
    by Suraj J. Amonkar et al [Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol. 2008 Mar-Apr;31(2):439-43]
  • Palliation of Malignant Biliary and Duodenal Obstruction with Combined Metallic Stenting
    by Devrim Akinci et al [Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol. 2007 Nov-Dec;30(6):1173-7]

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In the ever-evolving field of interventional radiology, the S-Type Uncovered™ Stent has emerged as a groundbreaking innovation, promising new hope for patients with complex vascular conditions. This cutting-edge stent is designed to address a wide range of medical issues, with a primary focus on treating arterial blockages.

What sets the S-Type Uncovered™ Stent apart is its unique design. Unlike traditional stents, this revolutionary device features an uncovered, mesh-like structure, allowing for precise placement and enhanced blood flow restoration. Its adaptability and flexibility make it an ideal choice for intricate procedures, particularly when dealing with tortuous or calcified vessels.

The S-Type Uncovered™ Stent offers interventional radiologists a versatile tool that can be tailored to fit the specific needs of each patient. This personalized approach minimizes complications and maximizes the chances of a successful outcome. Its use extends to various conditions, such as peripheral artery disease, renal artery stenosis, and more.

The S-Type Uncovered™ Stent represents a significant leap forward in interventional radiology, promising improved patient care, better outcomes, and enhanced quality of life for those dealing with vascular diseases. As this remarkable innovation continues to gain traction, it underscores the profound impact of technology on healthcare, reminding us that a brighter future for medicine is always just around the corner.