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Niti-S™ Self-Expandable Metal Pyloric/Duodenal Comvi™ (Triple Layer, Partially Covered)

Category: Pyloric/Duodenal Stents

pyloric d-type uncovered

A triple layered unfixed cell stent provides the ideal combination of radial and axial force to maintain full lumen patency in tortuous anatomies. Available in fully covered or bare ends. Bio-compatible PTFE membrane tube is held between inner and outer mesh.

Product Description

  • Triple layered construction: Biocompatible PTFE membrane tube is held between inner and outer mesh
  • Unfixed cell structure enables stent to conform to tortuous anatomy
  • PTFE membrane prevents the risk of tissue invasion
  • Outer wire mesh prevents the risk of migration
  • Minimum foreshortening for accurate stent placement
  • Radiopaque marker: 4 (four) at both covered part ends


Malignant gastric outlet obstruction

Clinical Reference

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The field of gastroenterology has taken a significant leap forward with the introduction of the Niti-S™ Self-Expandable Metal Pyloric/Duodenal Comvi™, a remarkable medical innovation that promises to transform the way we treat certain gastrointestinal disorders.

This cutting-edge device boasts a triple-layer, partially covered design, making it highly adaptable to a range of conditions affecting the pyloric and duodenal regions. Its unique combination of materials ensures precise placement and excellent stent-to-mucosa contact, improving patient outcomes.

One of the most compelling aspects of the Niti-S™ Comvi™ is its self-expanding feature, eliminating the need for multiple procedures and reducing patient discomfort. Gastroenterologists can now provide more efficient and effective treatment for conditions such as pyloric or duodenal strictures, leaks, or fistulas.

This groundbreaking advancement in gastroenterology not only enhances patient care but also underscores the relentless pursuit of innovation in the medical field. As technology continues to shape healthcare, the Niti-S™ Self-Expandable Metal Pyloric/Duodenal Comvi™ stands as a testament to our commitment to improving the lives of those in need.