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Niti-S™ Lumen Opposing Cold SPAXUS™ Stent (Pseudocyst/Gallbladder Drainage)

Category: Biliary Stents

Spaxus Cold Stent

For drainage of a pancreatic pseudocyst or a gallbladder through trans-gastric or trans-duodenal approach

Details / Features

  • Large flange prevents migration and maintains lumen apposition
  • Fully silicone coating prevents leakage and in-growth
  • Flexible design helps accommodative apposition regardless of wall thickness
  • 8, 10, & 16mm diameter enables application in various indications


Indication: Drainage of a pancreatic pseudocyst or a gallbladder

Details / Features

  • Wide and smooth flare edges
  • Prevent the risk of migration and possibility of stent related luminal damages
  • Available in various diameters (Up to 16mm)
  • Optimize drainage and provide large enough path for following necrosectomy if required
  • Radiopaque Markers: 3 (three) at both ends and 2 (two) in the middle

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In the world of medicine, there’s a new hero on the scene: the SPAXUS™ Stent. It’s like a magic wand for tummy troubles, especially when it comes to those pesky pseudocysts and gallbladder woes.

Before SPAXUS™, fixing these problems meant going under the knife, staying in the hospital, and a long road to recovery. But now, we have a different story to tell. This special stent is like a flexible superhero. Doctors can pop it in through a tiny tube, so no big cuts are needed. It’s like a personalized fit for your belly, offering instant relief.

What’s cool is that it can adapt to different belly shapes, so it’s a lifesaver for many. Plus, it’s super safe – less chance of infections and other icky stuff that can happen with surgery.

In a nutshell, the SPAXUS™ Stent is changing the game in belly health. It’s faster, safer, and a real champ for folks with digestive troubles. It’s like a high-tech upgrade for your tummy, making life better, one stent at a time.