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Niti-S™ KAFFES™ Biliary Stent

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KAFFES™ Biliary Stent

To treat anastomic strictures after liver transplantation

Details and Features

  • Characteristic waist at mid-portion of the stent: Waist shape of the stent allows strong radial force and preventing migration
  • Short length of stent: Using a short stent across the stricture prevents to impart pressure over a large area of normal duct by reducing the potential risk of necrosis and fibrosis
  • Long platinum radio-paqued retrieval string: The long platinum string helps easy removal from the high up location of CBD
  • Radiopaque Marker: Three (3) at both ends and two (2) in the middle


Anastomic strictures after liver transplantation

Clinical Reference

  • A randomized trial of a fully covered self-expandable metallic stent versus plastic stents in anastomotic biliary strictures after liver transplantation. Therapeutic Advances in Gastroenterology 2014, Vol.7(2)64-71 Arthur J. Kaffes.
  • Fully covered self-expandable metal stents for treatment of benign biliary strictures. Gastrointestianl Endoscopy 2013 Arthur J. Kaffes
  • Placement of removable metal biliary stent in post-orthotopic liver transplantation anastomic stricture. World J Gastroenterol 2010 July 28;16(28):3597-3600 Hoi-Poh Tee, Martin W James, Arthur J. Kaffes

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In the world of gastroenterology, innovation is key to improving patient outcomes and enhancing the quality of life for those with biliary obstructions. Enter the KAFFES™ Biliary Stent Niti-S™ Self-Expandable Metal Stent, a groundbreaking medical device that is changing the game in the treatment of biliary disorders.

This remarkable stent, developed through cutting-edge research and engineering, offers a host of advantages. Its self-expandable design simplifies the implantation process, reducing procedure time and patient discomfort. The Niti-S™ technology ensures precise placement and optimal conformity to the biliary tract’s shape, reducing the risk of migration and complications.

Furthermore, the KAFFES™ stent exhibits exceptional long-term durability, providing extended relief for patients suffering from biliary strictures, tumors, or other obstructive conditions. Its biocompatible materials minimize tissue irritation and promote healing.

In summary, the KAFFES™ Biliary Stent Niti-S™ Self-Expandable Metal Stent is a game-changer in gastroenterology. Its innovative design and materials make it a powerful tool for healthcare professionals, offering hope and relief to patients facing biliary challenges. This remarkable advancement signifies a brighter future for gastroenterology patients worldwide