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Surgery Supplies Face Shields Available in Canada and the USA

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surgical face shield

The Face Shield System from Instrumed Surgical is designed to protect healthcare professionals from accidental exposure to patient body fluids. This product is available to customers in Canada and the United States.

Features and Details

  • Reusable, lightweight & durable headpiece, fully adjustable with “tilt-up” mechanism for optimal positioning
  • Shields are clear polycarbonate, optically correct and provide full face coverage
  • Shield available in either sterile or non-sterile
  • Shields attached by Velcro fastener in seconds


For staff protection from accidental exposure to patient body fluids.

Key Resources

Product Information

In the world of healthcare, it’s often the unsung heroes that make all the difference. Among them, surgery supplies face shields stand tall. While they may not grab headlines like cutting-edge surgical techniques or breakthrough medications, these unassuming protective gear play a crucial role in safeguarding both patients and healthcare professionals.

Face shields provide a vital barrier against infectious agents, blood splatter, and bodily fluids during surgeries. Their transparent visors ensure that surgeons maintain clear visibility while performing intricate procedures, minimizing the risk of errors. Additionally, they shield the face and eyes from potential hazards, reducing the likelihood of infections or injuries.

In the face of the ongoing global health challenges, surgery supplies face shields have become even more essential. They symbolize the dedication of medical professionals to ensuring safe and effective healthcare delivery. As we applaud the bravery and commitment of healthcare workers, let’s not forget to acknowledge the significance of these humble protectors – the surgery supplies face shields.