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Best Bloc™ Bite Blocks Endoscopy Supplies Available in Canada and the USA

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Best Blocs®
Box of 50
Endoscopy Supplies Best Bloc Bite Blocs

High front flange secures optimal positioning of bite block. Accommodates up to 60 Fr dilator. Best Bloc™ is out most popular bite block. Made in Canada, adult size, shipped complete with an adjustable strap. Now available in the United States and Canada.

Product Description

  • Designed to protect your patient’s lips, teeth and jaw
  • Protects scopes from bite damage
  • Latex free
  • Adjustable head strap included

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Product Information

Explore our diverse range of disposable bite blocks tailored for upper endoscopy procedures. We provide an array of sizes, designs, and models, some equipped with retaining straps and others without, to cater to the specific requirements of both patients and procedures.

Our standard endoscopic bite blocks are crafted from durable yet gentle materials, ensuring the safeguarding of delicate instruments and enhancing patient comfort by serving as a mouth block during procedures.

For specialized needs, we offer disposable bite blocks designed explicitly for pediatric patients. Additionally, we have a purpose-built O2 delivery endoscopic bite block to address the unique requirements of certain patients.