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Niti-S™ Colonic D-Type™ Uncovered

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Colonic D-Type Colonic Stent

Product Description

  • Unfixed cell structure enables stent to conform to tortuous anatomy
  • Percutaneous and endoscopic delivery systems available
  • Minimum foreshortening for accurate stent placement
  • Radiopaque marker: 4 (four) at both covered part ends

Details and Features

  • Wide and smooth flare edges
  • Prevent the risk of migration and possibility of stent related luminal damages
  • Available in various diameters (Up to 16mm)
  • Optimize drainage and provide large enough path for following necrosectomy if required
  • Radiopaque Markers: 3 (three) at both ends and 2 (two) in the middle


Malignant colonic strictures

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Clinical Reference

  • Comparison of efficacies between stents for malignant colorectal obstruction: a randomized, prospective study
    by Semi Park, MD et al [Gastrointest Endosc. 2010 Aug;72(2):304-10]

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In the ever-evolving field of gastroenterology, the Niti-S™ Self-Expandable Metal Colonic D-Type™ has emerged as a groundbreaking innovation. This remarkable device is designed to address a range of colonic issues with precision and efficiency.

The Niti-S™ D-Type™ features a unique self-expanding mechanism, which simplifies the treatment process for patients and healthcare providers alike. Unlike traditional methods, this device eliminates the need for invasive surgeries and offers a minimally invasive alternative. By gently expanding within the colon, it effectively addresses strictures, obstructions, and other issues, promoting better patient outcomes and quicker recovery times.

One of its most significant advantages is its durability. Made from high-quality materials, the Niti-S™ D-Type™ ensures long-lasting results, reducing the likelihood of recurrent problems. Moreover, its innovative design allows for precise placement, minimizing the risk of complications.

In the world of gastroenterology, the Niti-S™ Self-Expandable Metal Colonic D-Type™ represents a remarkable leap forward, providing patients with a safer, more effective solution for colonic issues. This device is set to redefine the standard of care in the field, improving the lives of countless individuals.