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Ultra Bloc™ Bite Blocks Endoscopy Supplies Available in Canada and the USA

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Ultra Blocs®
Box of 50
ultra bloc bite blocks

High front flange secures optimal positioning of bite block. Accommodates up to 60 Fr dilator. Ultra Bloc™ is out most popular bite block. Made in Canada, adult size, shipped complete with an adjustable strap. 

Product Description

  • Designed to protect your patient’s lips, teeth and jaw
  • Protects scopes from bite damage
  • Latex free
  • Adjustable head strap included

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Product Information

Embark on a journey through our extraordinary collection of disposable bite blocks, meticulously designed for the realm of upper endoscopy procedures. In our treasure trove, you’ll uncover a vast array of sizes, styles, and models, each with its own distinct personality – some flaunting the convenience of retaining straps, while others embrace a strapless allure. We’ve sculpted these bite blocks with a keen eye for the peculiarities of both patients and procedures.

Our standard endoscopic bite blocks, like mystical artifacts forged from the essence of durability and tenderness, stand sentinel, ensuring the well-being of your precious instruments. They double as guardians of patient comfort, seamlessly slotting into the role of a soothing mouth companion during the intricate dance of medical procedures.

For those whose hearts belong to the young, we’ve lovingly designed disposable bite blocks tailored exclusively for our pediatric patients. And in the spirit of innovation, behold our phoenix of a product – the purpose-built O2 delivery endoscopic bite block, specially conjured to fulfill the unique needs of select patients. In our realm, you’ll find the perfect key to unlock the door to exceptional care and precision in every endoscopic voyage.