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Interventional Radiology Colonic D-Type™ Uncovered Stent

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interventional radiology colonic d-type

A cutting-edge triple-stratum, flexible cellular stent offers the perfect blend of radial and axial strength, ensuring unobstructed lumen integrity even in complex anatomical configurations. You can choose between a completely enclosed design or open-ended options. Crafted from a bio-friendly PTFE membrane tube, this innovation securely embraces an intricate interplay of inner and outer mesh structures.

Product Description

Unfixed cell structure enables stent to conform to tortuous anatomy

    • PTFE membrane prevents the risk of tissue ingrowth
    • Outer wire mesh reduces the risk of migration
    • Minimum foreshortening for accurate placement


Benign biliary strictures

Clinical Reference

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Colonic obstructions can be a painful and life-threatening condition, often requiring complex surgical procedures. However, the field of interventional radiology has witnessed a groundbreaking development with the introduction of the Colonic D-Type™ Uncovered Stent.

This innovative stent is specifically designed to address colonic obstructions, offering a less invasive alternative to surgery. Unlike traditional covered stents, the Colonic D-Type™ Uncovered Stent is designed to maintain luminal patency while reducing the risk of tissue ingrowth. Its unique design ensures that patients experience minimal discomfort, and the risk of stent migration is significantly reduced.

What sets this stent apart is its adaptability to a wide range of colonic anatomies, making it a versatile solution for a variety of patients. This pioneering approach not only improves patient outcomes but also reduces hospital stays and recovery time, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for those suffering from colonic obstructions.

Interventional radiology has entered a new era with the Colonic D-Type™ Uncovered Stent, offering hope and relief to patients facing colonic obstruction. As medical technology continues to evolve, innovative solutions like this stent bring a new level of effectiveness and safety to patient car.