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SeeGrid™ Position Indicator

Category: Interventional Radiology

seegrid position indicator

Details and Features

SeeGrid® Position Indicator. A marker for all procedures that require position information to be transferred from the CT image to the patient´s skin. Increases position transfer accuracy. Good visibility in all x-ray based image modalities.

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Product Information

Instrumed Surgical, renowned for its innovative medical devices, has introduced a game-changing tool to the world of surgery—the SeeGrid™ Position Indicator. This cutting-edge device promises to enhance surgical precision and streamline procedures like never before.

The SeeGrid™ Position Indicator is a technological marvel designed to provide real-time positioning information during surgery. Surgeons can accurately track the position of instruments and implants within the patient’s body, ensuring optimal placement and alignment. This level of precision can lead to quicker procedures, reduced complications, and improved patient outcomes.

Instrumed Surgical’s commitment to advancing surgical technology is evident with the SeeGrid™ Position Indicator. Surgeons and healthcare professionals now have a powerful ally in their quest for precision, making complex surgeries safer and more efficient. As this innovative device gains traction, we can anticipate a significant shift towards even greater surgical excellence.