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Pyloric D-Type Metal Stent™ (Uncovered)

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pyloric d-type Uncovered Stent

Unfixed cells with weave construction


For malignant gastric outlet obstruction

Details and Features

  • Excellent conformability facilitates immediate and continuous wall opposition. Minimum foreshortening rate for accurate placement. Ideal combination of radial and axial force to maintain full lumen patency in tortuous anatomies

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Clinical Reference

    • A comparison of the Niti-D biliary uncovered stent and the uncovered Wallstent in malignant biliary obstruction
      Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Vol. 70, No. 1: 2009 Ki Young Yang, MD et al.

The Pyloric D-Type™ Metal Stent

Medical devices help doctors treat different health problems, and one important device is the Pyloric D-Type™ Metal Stent. This special stent helps people who have blockages in the pylorus, which is a part of the digestive system.

pyloric d-type metal stent

What is the Pylorus?

The pylorus is a small passage that connects your stomach to your small intestine. After food is mixed and broken down in the stomach, it moves through the pylorus to reach the small intestine, where digestion continues.

What is the Pyloric D-Type™ Metal Stent?

The Pyloric D-Type™ Metal Stent is a small, flexible tube made of metal. It’s designed to be placed in the pylorus to open up blocked or narrowed areas, allowing food to pass through easily.

How Does it Work?


  1. Self-Expandable Design: The stent is made from a special metal that can expand on its own. When the stent is placed in the pylorus, it automatically expands to the right size, fitting snugly in the blocked area.

  2. Flexible and Strong: The stent is both flexible and strong, allowing it to fit well in the pylorus and stay in place without causing damage.

Why Do People Need This Stent?

People need the Pyloric D-Type™ stent for several reasons, including:

  • Gastric Cancer: Tumors can block the pylorus, making it hard for food to pass through.
  • Strictures: These are narrow areas in the pylorus that can be caused by various conditions or treatments.
  • Other Blockages: Sometimes, other types of blockages can occur, and the stent helps to keep the pylorus open.

Benefits of the Pyloric D-Type™ Stent

  1. Improved Digestion: The main benefit is that it helps people digest food more easily, improving their quality of life.
  2. Minimally Invasive: The stent can be placed using a procedure that doesn’t require major surgery, which means less pain and quicker recovery for patients.
  3. Long-Lasting: The Pyloric D-Type™ stent is designed to stay in place and work well for a long time, reducing the need for frequent replacements.


The Pyloric D-Type™ Metal Stent is a remarkable device that helps people with blocked or narrowed pylorus to digest food more easily. Its self-expanding design and strong, 

This stent is making a big difference in the lives of people who struggle with digestion due to pyloric blockages.