Endoscopic Bite Blocks

Instrumed Surgical Supplies carries a wide range of disposable bite blocks for upper endoscopy procedures. These come in different sizes, designs, and models, some with straps to keep them in place. 

Patient Safety Devices

Bite blocks are special tools that help keep your mouth open during a medical exam. They’re made of strong but soft material to protect the delicate instruments doctors use and make you comfortable. Bite blocks are critical in preventing damage to patients teeth during endoscopic procedures.

Our bite blocks are very safe. We even have special child sized bite blocks for kids and some designed to help deliver oxygen during the procedure. These tools are important because they help doctors do their job while keeping you safe and comfortable.

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Available In Canada

Instrumed Surgical is a Canadian manufacturer and supplier of high quality disposable bite blocks for use in upper endoscopic procedures. Our qualified and trained sales staff are available to answer your questions and provide detailed information about our bite block offerings.

Endoscopic Bite Blocks

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